Reach (Rural Entrepreneurship for Art & Cultural Heritage)

REACH is a non-profit organization engaged in the task of generating awareness of our arts, traditions and cultural practices at the grass-root level in the countryside. It strives to preserve the native wisdom and knowledge by striking a harmonious bond with the modern times. By making people aware of their rich cultural traditions and practices and preserving their heritage it strives to restore the cultural pride to them who have been feeling powerless against the onslaught of alien values

A brief of the activities that REACH is associated with:

Is engaged in establishing a national level Himalayan Heritage Centre at Dehra Dun. MOU with ICFRE was signed on 28th March, 2000 and a 13 acre land with building was made available to it by the Central Government for this purpose.

Has conceptualized & organized Virāsat, a fortnight long folk festival to sensitize people to the folk life of India.

Has started a Film Festival, Literature Festival and Crafts Festival.

Has done the documentation of the murals of the Darbar Saheb's building at Dehra Dun.

Started a movement of community cultural-ecology museums at Hanol and Lakhamandal and Jaimangla Garh, Bihar.

Has done the documentation of the cultural ecological heritage of the submersion area of Tehri Dam.

Conducted a Heritage Module for the IAS probationers at LBSNAA, Mussoorie.

Launched a detailed documentation of all the temples (along with legends) of Uttarakhand in their ecological perspective.

Documenting the 10th century temples of North Gujarat ( Patan & Mehasana).

Getting the old heritage sites(George Everest Lodge, Mussoorie & St Thomas Church, Dedra Dun) protected by the ASI.

Started an effort to involve the students and the village folks through various means of cultural-ecology in the nature conservation and a forestation at Dehra Dun (Hanol) and this shall be conducted on all India basis.

Has collaborated with Foreign Missions and ICCR for developing cultural correspondence across the world.

The logo is a motif from the Madhubani painting depicting a serpent coiled into five flowers. The flowers represent the five elements of the Nature. Serpent is the underlying motif found in the folk and tribal traditions of the whole country and other civilization. The wide prevalence of this motif hints at the primeval cultural correspondence amongst all civilizations and their sub-cultures which needs to be revived and protected. The flowers also give a message of peace and happiness to the humanity.